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Learning a New Language

So you’re on your way to learning a new language? Bravo! The hardest part is getting started. The second hardest part, unfortunately, is practicing. Thankfully, these linguists will be able to give you one-on-one guidance as you dive deeper into whatever language you’re learning. Pronunciation, grammar, conversation starters - it’s all here in these Helpouts.

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Chocolate: Everything You Need to Know!

If you love all things chocolate (...and who doesn’t), look no further.In this Helpout, we'll discuss all things chocolate, whether you are profess...


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    15 minutes
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Learn to cook a vegetarian Indian meal

Indian cooking sometimes seems complicated and a little frightening to non-Indians. I'm happy to take a little time to demystify Indian food, and w...

  • $75.00
    45 minutes

Delicious & Exciting South East Asian Cooking to thrill your tastebuds

Welcome to your LIVE, INTERACTIVE SOUTH EAST ASIAN COOKERY SCHOOL! Whether you're a novice, an expert, a traditionalist or a daredevil, let me help...


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