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Create a personal productivity action plan that gets results!

About this Helpout

Do you want to work more efficiently and effectively so you can enjoy more of what life has to offer? Do you want to achieve life balance and accomplish your greatest goals? The key is having a solid personal productivity system and plan. In this Helpout, we will discuss your current personal and professional productivity, what's working for you, and where you are having questions or you are looking to make improvements. We'll collaboratively create a simple, workable action plan, with advice on productivity principles such as focus, habit and motivation. I will also suggest organizational and productivity tools, technology and software to make your life easier while implementing your personal productivity action plan. 

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About Raymond

Years of Experience

  • 13 years of productivity teaching and coaching
  • 10 years of technology training


  • Web & Mobile Strategist at W3 Consulting, Inc.


Other qualifications

As an avid student of psychology, neuroscience and technology with Type-A behaviors, personal productivity became a natural outgrowth of my interests. Over the past 15 years, I have studied and learned as much I can about the skills, strategies and tools that make people more productive in their work and life.

A little bit more about myself:
  • For more than six years, I have been the organizer of the two largest US-based productivity Meetups (New York, NY and Washington, DC), coaching more than 350+ members in implementing and improving their Getting Things Done® (or, GTD®) productivity systems.
  • I have developed Team Accountability Project, a free accountability partnership methodology and program, as well as the free GTD® Personal Productivity System in Google Sheets (and Microsoft Excel) template available for download. 
  • I am the publisher of ProdPod, the pod
  • cast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less.
  • I am the host and facilitator of Productivity Book Group, a virtual book club for personal productivity enthusiasts.
  • I am the host of #ProdChat, the weekly Twitter conversation for productivity enthusiasts; we have different productivity topics or guest experts every week.

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