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A Helpout connects you to an expert over live video.

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Handyman Help with Home Depot Apron Assistance

Consider us your in-house handymen. Our Home Depot experts can assist in all your decision-making around indispensable appliances such as toilets, sinks, faucets, ceiling fans, and light switches. What do you need? And can you do it yourself? We're here to help.

About Redbeacon, a Home Depot company

* The Handyman Help team are a group of all-knowing general contractors: drywall, framing, siding, flooring installation, trim, and light appliance work.
* A combined century of home how-to knowledge
* Home Depot associates with helpful product tricks and recommendations

Note: Your state and local county/city may require licensing for certain home improvement work or project amounts.  Before you proceed with a project, you should confirm all licensing requirements with your state and local authorities.  Redbeacon Helpout providers are not licensed and offer Helpouts for informational purposes in the United States only. 

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Sarah Thompson

Apr 14, 2014

Thanks so much Tony! You really know your stuff and helped us figure out exactly what our options were for repairing this staircase.

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Portman SBS

Mar 12, 2014

Wow got amazing help from Tony today on my Tiny House project, he's given me a lot of encouragement, notes for research and obviously his expertise on many different aspects of the construction that I need to consider: from plumbing to electrics , water and sewage management... even though I took almost an hour of his time getting my answers for complicated questions, I know I'm definitely coming back with tons more questions :) Very excited about my project now. Thanks Tony!!

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Kara R

Mar 7, 2014

Friendly and definitely knew his stuff. Thanks Tony!

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Redbeacon, a Home Depot company

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