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Plating 101: Make your meals look visually stunning

Take your plating skills to the next level with a guided step-by-step lesson in how to turn your family fare into restaurant quality haute cuisine with the help of a professional chef. When food is well done it not only tastes great, but looks like work of art, and our chefs will walk you through simple tricks to help ensure that your presentation will be the topic of discussion at your next dinner party. 

About Kitchit

Kitchit is your online destination for incredible food experiences created by an international community of accomplished professional chefs.

  • Kitchit chefs are some of the best and brightest in the culinary world, many of whom have trained from top rated and favorite restaurants nationwide. This includes Michelin Star recipients and James Beard Award winners. Our chef team hand selects every Kitchit chef. 
  • With the ability to tap into their extensive culinary training, Kitchit chefs possess the expert acumen to answer questions about any cuisine type, specialty or culinary technique. 
  • Kitchit chefs are fun! As we hand pick each chef we carefully vet their personality to make sure they're fun to hangout... or helpout, with any question or dinner party.

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GuangDao Gu

Feb 25, 2014

Its very helpful! Nathaniel gave me some basic rules about plating and showed me several methods frequently used by chefs. He is very good at demonstrating and answer all my questions clearly with patient. Cannot wait to try and practice!

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Lily Silva

Dec 10, 2013

Ariane had great energy and great information! Her plating techniques were insightful, but my favorite things were the tips regarding adding height to my plating and also changing different fruits and vegetable colors into something new and abstract.
We experienced technical difficulties on our end, and Ariane was very patient and gracious and extended our time at no charge. We look forward to exploring her website!

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