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Pet problems solved with Dr Jo

15 reviews

About this Helpout

Animal behaviour consultant Dr Jo Righetti will help you understand your pet's behaviour and solve your cat or dog's behaviour problems including:  
Dogs - barking, house training, anxiety, aggression, destructive behaviours, jumping up, excessive licking
Cats - toileting & litter tray issues, anxiety, aggression, nocturnal activity, eating issues
Together, we can put some short-term management and long-term solutions into place. No problem is too big, too small or too embarrassing to talk about.
N.B. This is not a vet consult. Please seek veterinary help if your pet is sick.

About Joanne

  • 15 years experience in Pet Problems Solved business which includes:
    • Consulting to pet owners, pet professionals, governments, commercial companies, not-for-profit organisations and media on pet behaviour problems and the human-animal relationship
    • Writing books & giving talks on pet behaviour
  • PhD in Animal Behaviour (UNSW)
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology (UGlasgow)
  • Dipl. Counselling (AIPC)
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Reviews for this listing

from 15 reviews
Feb 24, 2014

Excellent experience! So glad I did this. She is quite knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Will definitely be consulting agian with her in future! Very reasonably priced too - nice that it is so affordable.

Kathy Hetland

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Nov 21, 2013

good advice and friendly to talk to. :)

JCub Nelson

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Nov 18, 2013

Dr Jo was very helpful with pet advice. As a new puppy owner we found that Dr. Joe was very knowledgable and gave us multiple tips to better manager our pup.

I would definitely recommend going to Dr Jo for any pet questions/issues.

Thanks again Dr Jo!

Rya Tillman

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