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Get ready for Thanksgiving

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About this Helpout

Get ready and get organize for Thanksgiving. I am a French Chef with 30 years of experience with 22 years of preparing Thanksgiving for restaurants. Food is so important for us to feel good and Thanksgiving is the way to contribute to happiness and show our families how we love them.
Food is a gift and preparing it to it highest standards will bring joy and happiness.

Let's talk about food
How to get organize.
Innovative twist and ideas.
Turkey, vegetables, potatoes, cooking time.
Surprises for your guests.
When to get started with your dinner,
What to buy.
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About Ludovic

Culinary school in Champagne region France
25 Years of experience
Founder of Chefs Fight For your Heart competition to promote healthy living
Executive Chef in fine dining restaurant
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Nov 6, 2013

My discussion with Chef Bezy was excellent. I regret that the connection kept being interrupted. The suggestions I got from Chef Bezy were very helpful. Thank you.

Richard Febey

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