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GIMP Photography Postprocessing/Image Editing

Use GIMP (and other Free/Open Source Software) to edit photographs and images.  Common photographic retouching including skin touchups, color grading/corrections, and photomanipulations.  From beginner concepts to advanced techniques.

About Patrick

GIMP user for over 10 years, photographer for over 20.
Owner of "Gimp Users" community on Google+. (
Moderator at "Open Source Photography" community on G+. (
Author/Owner of "Getting Around in GIMP" tutorials at
Writing tutorials since 2010
Active in the community.
Photography columnist at

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S Anderson

Nov 11, 2013

Patrick was so awesome and friendly. He made it easy to understand image resolution, heal, and clone. Also big help with export command. He is worth his weight in Gold. Thank you, thank you! Coach Anderson

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Antonio dos Santos

Nov 7, 2013

Very helpful

2 of 4 found this review helpful. Did you?

Debi Dalio

Nov 5, 2013

Pat gave me an excellent tutorial on midtone luminosity masks. He was able to work with the fact that I don't have speakers, a camera, or a microphone. Text chat worked fine. All of my questions were answered. He even went slowly and in detail over something I didn't understand at first.

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Patrick David

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