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Improve your website's design, layout, user experience and conversions

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About this Helpout

Work to improve your website's web design, content layout, and user experience, and the value that you and your visitors derive from the site will increase. It will make your website much more successful.


You've spent lots of time creating your website and blog and keeping it fresh with new content, adding functionality, and often integrating social media and e-commerce.

But how much of that is working in your favor?

How much of your page layout is adding to your visitor's experience, enabling them to read and enjoy your content, and moving along to your goals for your visitors? How much of it is getting in the way of that positive experience, and in the way of them reading and viewing all of that great content you spent time creating and your capture points? How much of your site is getting in the way of your goals for your visitors, and their goals when visiting your site? How well is your website capturing your visitors and converting them into revenue?

That's where this Helpout comes in.

In this Helpout you and I are going to evaluate your website and blog together. Think of it as a spring cleaning; we're going to get it organized, recycle or remove the things that aren't working for you, and maybe even trade-in for some new strategies and functionality that will add value to your visitor's experience. We'll be working on your user-centric content stategy.

A user-centric content strategy is your way of looking at your site, your content, your audience, and
  • defining your goals for you and your audience members, 
  • defining how and where you're going to interact with them,
  • defining the best ways for you to produce and share content that advances your goals

We're going to make your site and blog shine.

Some notable reading material:

About David

Years of Experience

  • 18 years of web design, web development, and information architecture
  • 12 years of owning a web development firm


  • Owner and Strategist at Confluent Forms LLC


  • Bachelor of Arts at Hamilton College, 1999

Other qualifications

I believe that a strong content strategy, coupled with great design, intuitive information architecture, and a well-developed and managed web presence can be empowering tools to the success of a blog, business or non-profit.

I'm the co-owner of Confluent Forms LLC, a boutique firm providing branding, graphic design, web design, web development and custom software development services that I incorporated in 2002, with clients including Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, 25 Broadway musicals, Science News Magazine, Saint Joseph's University, NYU, and over a 100 other corporations, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and blogs. For all of these clients I have provided information architecture, usability, and content strategy services in the creation of their websites.

My focus, coming from an interdisciplinary background of design, information architecture, and web development, focuses on:
  • defining goal attainment and sales objectives conversions
  • usability and user-focused design
  • content development and dissemination strategies
  • website traffic analysis
For more on my professional history, qualifications, and satisfied customer reviews please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I am also a Google Top Contributor for Blogger, assisting Blogger users in the product forum and Google+ with issues related to their blogs.
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Reviews for this listing

from 138 reviews
Mar 25, 2015

David is excellent, and jampacks a lot of information in those 15 minutes. Thank you

Donny Fourandhalf

Was this review helpful?
Mar 18, 2015

David was able to answer many questions in a short time, and was patient and helpful throughout.

Spirit Pilkington

Was this review helpful?
Mar 9, 2015

Alex Mozzhackov

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