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Rock Guitar Lessons - Artist Development

In this Helpout I will teach you how to play improvisational rock guitar, how to find YOUR sound and YOUR style, how to market your music, and how to write songs and develop lyrics.

Here are some questions I can help you solve:
How do you get an endorsement from a music company?  I will share my knowledge!
How do you start a business as a musician?  I know how and I will show you!
How do you record amazing sounding rock and metal guitars?  What gear do you need?  I can help!
How can I use social media (like Google+) to get my music out there?  I have done it and I will show you how!

About Matt

I have been playing the guitar for more than 25 years and have studied with guitar greats George Lynch and Tony MacAlpine.
  • Currently studying Pro Tools Engineering at Berklee School of Music
  • Endorsed by D'Addario and Planet Waves and ESP Guitars
  • I am one of the most followed rock guitarists on Google+
  • I am on the board of directors for the Traveling Guitar Foundation
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Steve Marquez

Mar 1, 2014

Matt was extremely helpful in delivering new sense of perspective into playing electric guitar. He takes technical concepts and simplifies them in a way that translates into creative song writing and killer riff making.

He's great at catering to your playing style and will shape the lessons based off of your goals, plans and ideas. That sense of openness is what drew me to the way he teaches.

Like the title of this Helpout states, it is about Artist Development and it is not a music theory course (although he can help you with that as well!). When I had my lesson, it was a hands on and artistic application of the music theory that I already knew with an awesome twist.

He's a genuine motivator and knows how to delve into untapped resources. I will definitely be a regular, and I'm looking forward to becoming an artist. Thanks Matt!

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Jamie Atkinson

Nov 25, 2013

Was vary helpful and informative. Also, a great guy!

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Nov 21, 2013

Matt. Thanks for more great help and advice.
Can't wait till next time ! Neil.

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Matt Gibson

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