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A Helpout connects you to an expert over live video.

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Jeff Bond
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General Contractor & Home Inspection Help

44 reviews

About this Helpout

Questions about Home Inspections or need general Home Repair Assistance?

SEARCHING for the RIGHT ANSWERS to your questions about repairing foundations, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and all Home Repair Items ?

FIND all the INFORMATION you're looking for, and LEARN much more, in this Helpout provided by an Industrial Engineer & General Contractor !!!

I will work with you to :
  • Help completely & accurately identify the issue(s) 
  • Discuss various repair options, and their associated costs 
  • Recommend specific action(s)  you can take
  • Use Technical Illustrations & Videos to present information
to help resolve the matter in the manner that is best for YOU.

There are countless problems to solve, and even more ways to fix them ... Let's put your house back in order before things get worse, and make things right !!!

BONUS : $25 DISCOUNT off any future home inspection service for clients of this +Helpout !!!

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About Jeff

Years of Experience

  • 25 years of Home Inspecting
  • 25 years of General Contracting


  • President & Home Inspector at Inspect.Net, Inc.


  • BSIE Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 1986

Other qualifications

1. Excellent communication & problem solving skills
2. Google Glass  #explorer

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Reviews for this listing

from 44 reviews
Jan 12, 2015

Wow. First experience with helpouts. Jeff is incredible. Super willing to help and very knowledgable. If he was local if just pay him to do this because I can tell he's really dedicated to his craft and honest. Very smart too.

Thanks Jeff!

Kyle Ensign

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Oct 4, 2014

Jeff was very professional and very helpful and if I could give 10 stars I would. He knew his stuff and even though I had some audio problems (on my side) he was patient and understanding. Just a pity he doesn't live near me so he could come and do the work too! Would definitely use again.

A Charles

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Sep 2, 2014

Jeff Bond provided the precise help I needed. The videoconferencing was easy via the helpouts app on the ipad. I was able to show Jeff the problem and he was able to provide me several potential solutions. Highly recommend.

Tom Gallo

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