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Kitchen Catastrophes Solved

Is your soufflé sad? Your stew lacking spice? Your steak kinda grey? Run out of menu ideas for a dinner party? Let me help! Whether you're having a problem with a recipe you just can't seem to master, or your need an idea for a side dish to go with tonight's dinner, I can help answer all of your cooking questions. From knives to techniques to ingredients to equipment, let's get to the bottom of your epicurean dilemma. After our session, visit Sunday Supper Club for more culinary inspiration and checkout the Sunday Supper Club YouTube channel for even more fun and tasty cooking help.

About Sherród

  • At age 16, won full scholarships to Johnson & Wales University and New England Culinary Institute in cooking competitions
  • Placed first and second at several state-level cooking and baking competitions in the Tidewater area
  • Sous chef at a catering company, cooked for Reba McIntire, Keith Gaither Trio, and Destiny's Child
  • Worked at University dining hall while going to school, producing food for thousands
  • Self-published two cookbooks
  • Author of the Sunday Supper Club blog
  • Author of The Gastro Guide index
  • Creator of Sunday Supper Club video series
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Johan D

Jan 24, 2014

Aye B

Jan 8, 2014

Sherrod was very easy to talk to and knowledgable. He made it easy to ask questions and gave understandable answers. It felt like I was talking to a neighbor or friend instead of a stranger. For my first helpout I was pleased and will definitly come to him again.

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Ahmed Al-Kohali

Nov 21, 2013

very kind and helpful person

2 of 2 found this review helpful. Did you?

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Sherród Faulks

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