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Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free 'Clean Eating' Makeover

About this Helpout

Hi there! I’m Amie Valpone—a Manhattan-based personal chef, culinary nutritionist, professional recipe developer, food photographer and writer. I’m a clean living expert showcasing my knowledge on my blog in addition to other health and cooking-based sites around the World Wide Web. My goal in life is to teach others how to cope with and overcome food allergies, intolerances, and autoimmune issues by paying close attention to the foods we eat and the environment within which we live.

This isn’t just a job to me, though—it’s not just a way to pay the bills. I practice what I preach. I’ve dealt with chronic illness my entire life and was forced to learn at an early age the importance of carefully listening to our bodies so that they can be the healthiest they can be. I am so committed to this mission, in fact, that I went back to school and switched career gears to focus on Hippocrates’ assertion that we must “[let] food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

“So, what’s my objective,” you ask? I want to make major health changes like gluten-free, clean eating accessible to all—not just those with the time and education to research and commit. I know we all lead busy lives and tend to place ourselves last on our never-ending “To Do” list. My wish is that healing be an attainable goal for everyone—not just those with financial stability and access to “good” health care. Every single human on this planet has the right to feel his or her best, at least most of the time (hey, even if we ate kale every day we’d never be super-human). My hope is that every single person I come into contact with takes home a little bit of my energy and takes to heart my promise that they will find relief, that they can regain control, that they will get better. You can get better. I know that with a little effort plus a little hard-earned self-love, this is an attainable goal. So check out what I do and tell me what you think. Go on; I think you deserve to respect yourself enough to try out what I have to offer you!


About Amie

-Certified by the Drugless Practioners of America
-Continuing Education Degree from Columbia University
-Healed from years of food allergies, lyme disease, heavy metal accumulation, detox, dysbiosis, candida and much more! Personal experience working with the best doctors in the world first hand.

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