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Startup PR Advice from former TechCrunch writer

2 reviews

About this Helpout

I'll help you hone your pitch, prepare for interviews with reporters, and navigate the minefield that is the tech press. Here's more detail on the ways I can help:
  • General PR advice. Run your pitch by me and I’ll tell you its weak points and whether it makes my eyes gloss over. I’ll help come up with a way to frame it that makes it more interesting than just a series of bullets and features. I’m also well-versed in the PR dance of embargoes, exclusives, press releases (yech) and so on. 
  • Mock interviews (I've done a lot of interviews). I will be tough, and will help identify the potential pitfalls you should worry about, both in terms of what a reporter may hone in on and what they may have a hard time understanding.
  • Product advice. I'm not a product manager, but I've seen enough that I've acquired a decent sense for what works and what doesn't. That said, if you'd rather focus on press stuff, that's totally fine.
  • If your startup is headed in a not-so-great direction or you seem like you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, I’ll try to talk you out of it. This isn’t a bad thing; the startup lifestyle encouraged by Silicon Valley culture is miserable. But hey, you already knew that — right? 
Note that these sessions are for individuals working on startups — no big companies, please. 

Obviously these sessions don’t leave time for me to write your pitch for you. That’s by design. I’m happy to help you nail down some key points, but please don't expect me to conjure a three-paragraph pitch on the spot — and while I'm happy to help over multiple sessions, I'm not going to be working on your pitch between them. Also: these meetings work best on an individual basis (it's okay if there are two of you, but more than that can bog things down). 

Given my past as a reporter and the fact that I still write about the tech world, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about confidentiality. All information you share during these sessions will be treated as confidential (e.g. if I talk to two people working on exactly the same thing, I won’t tell one about the other, and I won't tell anyone else, either).

Finally, this is an experiment; if demand is really high the price may rise accordingly, if it’s low, I’ll slink away and hope no one noticed. 

Refund policy: If you feel you're getting no value out of a session, I'll refund your money (you have 72 hours to request a refund on Helpouts). This platform is based on reputation — I'd much rather have us amicably part ways than give you a poor experience and wind up with bad reviews.

About Jason

I was a senior writer at TechCrunch, where I worked from 2008-2012. I co-created and hosted their show TC Cribs, co-hosted a talk show with Google Ventures Partner MG Siegler, and appeared at many events. I've seen a lot of startups and a lot of pitches. I also regularly host the Startup Battlefield portion of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, which features pitches from dozens of startups.

For a sort of synopsis of my time at TechCrunch, see this interview I did with Hunter Walk, which includes a kind introduction from TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. 

These days, I'm mostly working on my own projects. I've done consulting to pay the bills — but it’s a logistical pain and also introduces long-term mental overhead. With these Google Helpouts chats, I can give plenty of advice quickly while eliminating most of my own pain points (Google handles scheduling, payment, and so on). Better yet, I can reach more startups at a more affordable price (I’m not cheap, obviously, but this is less than what I’ve charged my ’traditional’ consulting clients). 

You can find additional writing and updates on what I'm working on at my personal site,

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Reviews for this listing

from 2 reviews
Mar 10, 2014

Well worth it! Jason had excellent advice for a very early stage mvp. The advice was actionable and he was able to give me a perspective that will help me now and in the future. I would do another helpout with Jason without hesitation.

Kendall Saville

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Jan 15, 2014

Excellent experience! Jason showed genuine interest in providing me the best feedback/experience. Very insightful, his input will save me a lot of time, frustration and money. Thank you, Jason!
First time using Helpouts - I will use this platform again.
Carlos Cueto

Carlos Cueto

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