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A Helpout connects you to an expert over live video.

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About this Helpout

Coming again in winter 2014-15, Get Schooled will bring you the best financial aid experts from around the country to help you complete the FAFSA and have a successful submission. We have assembled a cadre of top-notch financial aid advisers to help you and your family successfully submit your FAFSA.

NOTE: Get Schooled will also be offering Helpouts on the college search process (how do you find the best fit) this coming Fall 2014. Stay tuned and do let us know if you are interested in taking one of our Helpouts or in being a provider.

About Get Schooled

A national non-profit started by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Viacom with the unique mission of using popular culture, technology and media to directly motivate teens in their educational pursuits, Get Schooled has spent three years building the user base, the distribution channels and the analytic capacity to dramatically change how teens find the support they need to be successful in high school and college.

And now we’re using this experience and reach to connect students with the best college counseling and FAFSA support – live, personalized and on their schedule. Helpouts gives students a new way to access the help they need to be ready for college – and Get Schooled is proud to be assembling a cadre of the best advisers in the country to provide these real-time, 1:1 tutorials.

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