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Learn more effectively by taking better notes!

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About this Helpout

Want to learn more effectively - and remember what you're learning? Visual notetaking can help! Even if you don't think you're an artist, doodling and visual organization can make it easier for you to write down what you know and what you're figuring out.

In this Helpout, you'll learn how to improve your notetaking skills. This session is best suited for self-motivated learners interested in improving their skills. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and other people who have thought about their strengths and weaknesses as learners will be able to make the most of this session. 

To prioritize people who need help over people who book but don't attend, I've started charging a small fee. If you'd like to learn about the kinds of questions people typically ask, check out the notes I've created summarizing tips from the previous Helpouts and other things I've been learning about learning: and

After you book, use Your Helpouts > Upcoming Helpouts to send me a message with 1-3 specific questions you would like to cover in our 15-minute session. IMPORTANT: If this is your first time using Google Helpouts, you may want to check out the free sample Helpout offered by Google to see what it's like. If not, please install the Google Hangout plugin prior to your session: . Plan to join 5 minutes before your session so that you can deal with any technical issues.

You can find out more information about sessions and other learning resources at . Looking forward to hearing from you!

About Sacha

I've learned a lot from sketchnoting conferences, presentations, meetings, books, and questions. Check out for more!
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Reviews for this listing

from 54 reviews
Jul 7, 2014

Sacha was super helpful and had so many great resources too!

Jo Ilfeld

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May 19, 2014

Very helpful, thank you Sacha!

Tea Jiang

Was this review helpful?
May 19, 2014

Vijay Patodi

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