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M-x emacs-geekery

9 reviews

About this Helpout

Emacs is more than just a text editor, it's a way of life. New to it and need to get over that learning curve? A Vi/Vim veteran thinking of switching? A dyed-in-the-wool Emacs geek who wants to bounce around ideas or learn more? Let's chat!

Here are some resources that might be useful if you're starting out or you're curious
EmacsWikiPlanet Emacsen, and Emacs Rocks are also great resources. Check them out, and then ask me questions!

About Sacha

I've been using, tweaking, writing, and speaking about Emacs for more than ten years. I'd love to help you get started or dig into it further! 

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Reviews for this listing

from 9 reviews
Aug 18, 2014

Sacha showed me around edebug to help me get more comfortable with exploring Emacs Lisp. And being a tablet user, I was interested in how she managed her sketchnotes with Emacs, so we discussed her ingenious workflow as she walked through her code.

Kyle Andrews

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Apr 9, 2014

JD Horelick

Mar 19, 2014

Super knowledgeable and is able to explain emacs quickly and understandably. Fixed my badly configured Org mode. If you need some help with emacs, highly recommended.

Mark Savoie

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