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Chocolate: Everything You Need to Know!

23 reviews

About this Helpout

If you love all things chocolate (...and who doesn’t), look no further.

In this Helpout, we'll discuss all things chocolate, whether you are professional or a passionate foodie, our Savour team can work with you with the following:

  • How to temper chocolate
  • Technical advice on how to create the perfect chocolate
  • Chocolate theory and flavour profiles
  • Going on a holiday? Advice on the best chocolate stores around the world to visit

About Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

Our dedicated pastry chefs and teachers have won numerous awards and achievements including:

  • Best Chocolates in the World at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris
  • Best Handmade Chocolates in the World at the World Pastry Championships in Las Vegas
  • Gold Medal in the Pastry Olympics in Germany
  • Judging at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, The Patisserie Grand Prix in Japan and The World Chocolate Masters National selections in London. 
  • Created a successful boutique chocolate business, servicing everything from cafes to corporate clients
  • Representing Australia in the Grand Prix of Patisserie in Japan
  • Regular appearances on TV, including guest judge on Masterchef numerous times. 
  • Regularly contributing recipes and articles to a number of the world’s leading pastry publications including So Good, Baking Business, Pastry & Baking Asia, Pastry & Baking North America and Australasian Baker. 
  • Ambassador for leading chocolate manufacturer Callebaut, travelling regularly throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific demonstrating her craft.

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Reviews for this listing

from 23 reviews
Mar 5, 2014

Thanks Kirsten so much. This system is so fantastic. You certainly solved my issues and made everything sound easy. Look forward to coming to Savour soon.
Karen Kindt

karen kindt

Was this review helpful?
Mar 2, 2014

Super helpful. Amazing in-depth advice, clearly explained. Can't rate it highly enough. Thank you!

Nikki Hillier

Was this review helpful?
Nov 24, 2013

Jon Dinneen

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