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Get an Amazing Advertising Portfolio

24 reviews

About this Helpout

To be an ad creative, you need a great portfolio. To get a great portfolio, you need feedback. To get feedback, you need to click here.

Well, okay, you don't need to click here. There are a lot of ways to build a book that will get you hired. But knowing what ad industry creatives think of your work makes the process quicker and your portfolio more noticeable. And that's what you get in this Helpout: Feedback and guidance on your book.

In This Helpout, We Will:

  • Review your portfolio: I'll tell you where your portfolio is awesome and where it could use a little work.
    • P.S.: If you have a portfolio you'd like me to take a look at, if you could message me the link beforehand so I can be prepared. That would be awesome.
    • P.P.S.: No portfolio? No problem. Portfolios aren't required to chat.
  • Not exchange any money. It's free. That's the first rule of advertising. If something's free, you should say it's free. Because people like free stuff. Me telling you the first rule of advertising: That is also free.
  • Discuss Creative Development: There's no one way to come up with a great ad, but there ways to think in terms of "big concepts" that creative directors love. We'll talk about how to do that.
  • Converse on creative amazingness: We'll talk about the things that make okay ads, that make good ads and that make ads so dazzling you actually want to talk about them. This is always clarifying.
  • Chat about Careers: How do you get noticed by creative recruiters and CDs? How should you present yourself?  What are the ups and downs of working as an advertising creative? You will ask these kinds of questions. I will answer them.

About Louis

  • He is a creative / copywriter at Grey, which just won AdWeek's 2013 Global Agency of the Year prize, as well as Havas Worldwide and a variety of other shops.
  • He has worked developing national ad campaigns and creative platforms for brands like Dos Equis, Dairy Queen, Smucker's, Pringles, Purolator, Jif and a whole lot of others.
  • He has won three Cannes Lions and a Radio Mercury Award.
  • He has a portfolio you can look at here.
  • He holds a Master's in Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California.
  • He genuinely likes to talk about advertising.

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Reviews for this listing

from 24 reviews
Feb 25, 2015

Super helpful! Louis went over my book piece by piece and gave loads of good advice. We talked about campaigns of his and agency life. Solid 10/10.


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Jan 3, 2015

Louis took the time out of his schedule to talk to me about advertising and his experiences within the industry. I came into the conversation not knowing much or what to expect, but Louis gave me solid advice and insight!
He is a genuine person and it was a pleasure speaking with him.

Chiyeung Lau

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Jul 20, 2014

Louis is super nice! And his advice is very insightful! He went through my work one by one, patiently and friendly analyzing each. Really helpful and I really appreciate this! Thanks Louis a lot!

Jingxuan Yue

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