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SAT Prep Class Atlanta GA

About this Helpout

At Success Prep, we focus not just on tips & strategies but on concepts & topics common to the SAT test; which most students may have forgotten. If your student cannot remember geometry concepts or how to accurately diagnose a sentence completion or sentence error question, then test taking strategies alone will do very little to improve your student's SAT score. Along with tips and strategies, we focus on exposing your student to commonly asked questions and how to answer those types of questions when presented on the SAT test.  Our SAT Prep course in Atlanta includes a comprehensive review of 9th to 11th grade math & verbal concepts & topics common to the SAT test.

SAT class covers:

1. A complete review of the SAT Math concepts from 9th to 11th grade tested on the SATs.
A complete review of SAT Verbal concepts such as sentence completion, passage comprehension, vocabulary identification & essay writing etc.
3. Weekly SAT testing homework assignments - Gives a weekly assessment of your student's current SAT score on Math, Verbal & Writing.
4. Tips and strategies on test taking proven to help improve your students SAT scores.

  • SAT Prep Webpage :

About Olu

  • 13 years of Tutoring experience
  • We've customized SAT prep for some of Atlanta's top private and public High schools | Grady High, The Howard School, Decatur High, St. Francis High, Pace Academy & The Paideia School
  • Average improvement of 150 points compared to a previous SAT Test for the past 10 years

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