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Learning a New Language

So you’re on your way to learning a new language? Bravo! The hardest part is getting started. The second hardest part, unfortunately, is practicing. Thankfully, these linguists will be able to give you one-on-one guidance as you dive deeper into whatever language you’re learning. Pronunciation, grammar, conversation starters - it’s all here in these Helpouts.

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Top Chef University: Learning the Techniques

SO YOU WANT TO COOK LIKE A TOP CHEF?  Welcome to Top Chef University Helpouts- Here you will learn professional cooking techniques and food prepara...


  • $14.99
    15 minutes
  • or
  • $0.99
    per min.

Plating 101: Make your meals look visually stunning

Take your plating skills to the next level with a guided step-by-step lesson in how to turn your family fare into restaurant quality haute cuisine ...


  • $14.99
    15 minutes

Christmas Cookie SOS!

Does the prospect of holiday cookie-making fill you with dread? Stuck with dessert-duty for a holiday potluck? Not to worry! As a private chef, cat...


  • $1.00
    per min.